The Art of Double Edge and Straight Shaving

Over the last few years I’ve graduated from the dreaded Mach3/5/8 to a classic double edge razor. You remember the one your dad had with the mug of soap and the brush? Thats the one.

The next step is learning to lather. This takes time and practice. I use the bowl pictures to “load” my brush then lather into my palm until the consistency is perfect (you are looking for the smallest bubbles possible).

So this year after lots of talk I stepped it up. My lovely wife found me an amazing vintage straight razor and a strop (think smooth belt) and I haven’t looked back.

A word of advice I have to give is always use a post shave balm/moisturizer. Running a sharp blade across your neck irritates the skin and this helps. Personally I avoid alcohol based ones. Heres mine.

And if you are sporting a beard, do yourself a favour and get a beard balm. It just keeps all the stragglers under-control and keeps you looking good.

Oh and I suppose I should show you what a medicine cabinet looks like once you get into this stuff. (And trust me…this is nothing compared to r/wicked_edge)

So if you ever get the hankering to try DE shaving, come talk to me first. I’ll show you how to lather and all the tips and tricks. And you WILL save money compared to cartridge razors.